Student Success

There were three presentations at the Undergraduate Student Research Symposium by students advisted by faculty from the Department of Languages and Literatures.

Karenna Young with Wentz Poster Resize    Karenna Young, a 2021-2022 Wentz Research Scholar, presented a project entitled “A Latin Study of the Medical and Religious Imagery Surrounding the Plague and its Parallels to Pandemic Perceptions” under the direction of Rachael Cullick (Classics). Her work examines medieval medical practices during the Plague primarily via an in-depth scholarly account of Marsilio Ficino's Tractatus singularis de epidemiae morbo and uses this information to highlight sections of the Latin Bible that address the idea of "unclean," diseased people. This information sets the stage for constructing the bigger picture of how the interplay of medicine and religion influence pandemic perceptions.


ReaganPage and Jonathan Ludwig with Poster Resize    Reagan Page presented her research project entitled “Water Scarcity and Ethnic Violence in Central Asia” under the direction of Jonathan Ludwig (Russian).


Annisa Clark, a Freshman Research Scholar, presented “The Correlation between German Films and Germany’s Social Politics” under the direction of Jessica Resvick (German).

Spanish seniors Cody Ross and Kassandra Gaona, who came in first and second in the poetry contest organized by the Mu Upsilon chapter of Sigma Delta Pi at OSU, got 3rd and 4th place, respectively, in the Southeast Regional Poetry Competition of Sigma Delta Pi. We are grateful to Carolina Sitya-Nin (Spanish) for organizing the Sigma Delta Pi poetry contest, a first for our chapter.