Faculty News Fall 2021


Isabel Alvarez-Sancho published a chapter entitled “The Historical Geography of María Teresa León in Memory of Melancholy” in Destierros y destiempos. Una revisión del exilio republicano español (Peter Lang, 2021)a volume that explores the lives and works of Spanish exiles after the Spanish Civil War. She presented a paper on representations of the future and new beginnings in Spanish 20th century literature, “The History of the Future: Analysis of Two 20th-century Speculative Fiction Novels” at the South Central Modern Language Association. She helped organized the first international conference of the Society for the Analysis of Cultural Topics and Linguistic Identities N’Asturies (SAnTINA), which explored the language and culture of Asturias, a region of northern Spain with a language different from Spanish. There, she presented her research on contemporary Asturian music. Dr. Alvarez-Sancho attended a seminar of the International Association of Spanish Literature and Film of the 21st century (ALCESXXI) and published a review of the book This Ghostly Poetry: History and Memory of Spanish Republican Poets, by Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza.

Claudia Cavallín published “El Archivo testimonial en la memoria fragmentada. Insensatez de Horacio Castellanos Moya” in Revista Carátula. She presented "The return of migrant children in the political and pandemic crisis in Venezuela" at the South Central Modern Language Association. She also received a SCMLA Travel Grant representing Oklahoma State University. She also presented "Political factions in Venezuelan audiovisual memory " at the University of Salamanca, Cátedra José Antonio Ramos Sucre.

Erik Ekman presented “¿Quiénes fueron los lectores de la General estoria?” at «Contarte he maravillas...». Congreso internacional de estudios medievales hispánicos en honor a Joseph T. Snow. He was also elected to the Executive Council of the South Central Modern Language Association.

Jonathan Ludwig was elected Vice Chair of ACTFL's Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Special Interest Group (SIG). He will serve as Vice Chair in 2021, Chair in 2022, and Past Chair in 2023. He published a book review in Russia by Dmitri Trenin. He also presented “Russia’s China Gambit and Other Asian Adventures” at the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies.

Will Mahan published “Ghostly Letters: Legacies of Death Letters in Schnitzler’s Short Stories” in German Quarterly.

Susana Perea-Fox presented “La violencia en algunas obras de Elena GarroInés (1995), Busca mi esquela y Primer amor (1996) y Un traje rojo para un duelo (1996) at the Congreso de la Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades. She also presented “Mitos que explican el comportamiento animal en la cosmogonía mapuche” at the International Congress of the El Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana.

Carol Ready published ‘“Yo me siento andalusí": El marco espaciotemporal en la construcción de identidad de inmigrantes marroquíes en Granada, España’ in Lengua Y migración https://erevistas.publicaciones.uah.es/ojs/index.php/lenguaymigracion/article/view/1365. She presented “Integration or assimilation? A Comparative intertextual analysis of language policy in Madrid and Catalonia” at the Multidisciplinary Approaches to Language Planning and Policy Conference.

Jessica Resvick presented “Census-taking, or inventorying populations” at Media Inventories of the Nineteenth Century at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. She also presented “Freud and the Materiality of the Stereotype” at A Therapy of Things? Materiality and Psychoanalysis in Literature and the Visual Arts. She was also a seminar participant at “Theory of Number” at the Annual Conference of the German Studies Association.

Carolina Sitya-Nin presented "Similitud retórica y contradicción práctica en las relaciones de Hernán Cortés y Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca" at the South Central Modern Languages Association.

John te Velde Published “Plautdietsch: A remarkable story of language maintenance and change” in The Emergence of Grammars. A Closer Look at Dialects between Phonology and Morphosyntax.

Donald Wood presented “The Qur’ān in Fragments: Deconstructing the Morisco Miscellany” at the South Central Modern Language Association. He also gave a guest lecture entitled "Los moriscos y la literatura aljamiado-morisca" virtually to a group of students from Denison University.   WoodTalk Resize