Updates on Scholarship Recipients


Brown A resize 
  Allie Brown: “My plans to study abroad were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but I am having a successful senior year of many learning experiences. I am currently an ExCEL student teacher in a third-grade classroom at an elementary school here in Stillwater and will complete my student teaching in the spring. I am also applying to graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a degree in Library and Information Science, as I would love to be a research librarian in the future, though I still hold a passion for teaching, I also love the field of literature and am considering French translation in the future as well.”


Fornaro G2 resize   Gino Fornaro: “The scholarship I received from the Department of Languages and Literature in the Spring of 2021 is greatly helping me this semester. It has eased a little bit of the financial burden that I bear on my parents for this semester! Unfortunately, because of the spread of COVID-19 and having family members that are immunodeficient that I live at home with when I am not on campus, I am not going to have the experience of studying abroad.  I am currently a Senior about to enroll in my final semester of my undergraduate degree. I am taking one Spanish class this semester and am going to be enrolling into my final Spanish course in the Spring! After college, I am planning to continue the job I have on campus as a teaching assistant and go into the master’s program through the Watson Graduate School of Business. I can’t thank the donors who lighten the financial burden of a semester enough! You guys help me take large chunks out of the financial obligations I have and will have to Oklahoma State University!”


Gaona K2 resize   Kassandra Gaona: “I am a senior majoring in Spanish and Psychology. I would like to thank you for providing me with the scholarship for this academic school year. Unfortunately, I was not able to study abroad this past summer, as I had planned, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Because of the track I am pursuing and my strict timeline, I will unfortunately not be able to study abroad before I graduate. I am currently working on finishing up my last year of undergrad and am expected to graduate in May 2022. I am in the process of applying for master’s programs in Marriage and Family therapy for Fall 2022. I am interning at the Center for Family Services, a marriage and family therapy clinic, on campus, and I am an undergraduate research assistant and lab leader in the Cognition, Attention, Law & Memory Lab. I am also serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer in which I advocate for children in the system in court. This scholarship has enabled me to be able to continue my studies and avoid taking a gap year. Thank you again, I appreciate the support!”


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Kayla Hoelscher: “The scholarship from the Department of Languages and Literatures has helped me immensely! I am in my final semester at OSU, set to graduate in December. I am currently in two advanced French courses, a gen-ed, and an independent study on African Politics. I am a working student while also focusing on my studies. I appreciate any help I am given as it takes stress off me to pay for school. I am hoping to get a job in international development in January and am actively on the job hunt. Thank you so much for the support and all that you guys do!”


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Breann Loeber: “I am a senior with a major in Chemical Engineering (Biomedical/Biochemical) and a minor in Spanish. This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, a company under Koch Industries, as an Applications Engineering Intern. There, I was able to work with customers from around the world to help provide them with a custom emissions regulation package. I had the opportunity to meet with the Koch Engineered Solutions' Latin American team to get an understanding of how the business operates globally. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity, and love that I will be able to utilize my Spanish minor in my future career. I am graduating in the Spring 2022 and have accepted a full-time position with the company. Before graduation, however, I am traveling abroad in December with the McKnight Scholars program. I am so excited to travel to a Spanish speaking country and be able to immerse myself within the culture, even if it is for a short amount of time.  Without generous donors like you, I would never have been able to attend my dream university or study abroad. I am thankful for all the wonderful experiences I have had here at Oklahoma State University and thank you for contributing to my successes!”


McCrary K resize   Kati Rae McCrary: “My studies are going very well, and I will be graduating at the end of this semester. The scholarship was of great help to me, and it insured that I was able to complete my degree this year here at OSU. After graduation, I hope to start a new job and work for a while to save up some money before exploring my options regarding furthering my education.”


Ross C resize  

Cody Ross: “I have gone abroad, during the summer I spent some time in Guadalajara, Mexico and recently I made a quick trip to Mexico City. I am currently completing a double major (Biology/Spanish). 


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Zoe Siebert: “Although this is the first semester of my third year here at OSU, I will be graduating in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology and a minor in Spanish. I’m currently involved in Dr. Heejin Yoo’s plant biology research lab and work at a local pharmacy here in Stillwater. After graduation, I plan on attending pharmacy school to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy.”