A study of Latin will enable you to read classical works written by Romans such as Vergil, Cicero, Caesar and religious texts, such as those written by Thomas Aquinas. Because Latin is the base language for Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, learning Latin will make it easier for you to learn those and other Romance languages. There are many reasons to study Latin.

The Latin Minor will help you to develop writing and reading skills in Latin and will increase your knowledge of the ancient Roman culture. See below for our Latin minor requirements, classes, and resources.

Latin Minor Requirements

To obtain the Latin Minor, you must first complete all lower-division course work (all 1000 and 2000 level classes) or its equivalent in Latin, followed by 9 hours of upper division credit in courses taught in Latin. You will need a GPA of 2.5 with no grade below ā€œCā€ in all upper-division Latin courses. 

To declare a Latin Minor, go to 213 Life Sciences East or call 405-744-5658 to meet with Anthony Valentine.

Classical Studies Minor Requirements

You may also study Latin to complete the Classical Studies Minor. First complete 12 hours of Greek or Latin and then 9 hours from FLL 2103, ART 3603, HIST 3023, HIST 3033, or PHIL 3113 with a GPA of 2.0.  


LATN 1713 - Elementary Latin I
The rudiments of beginning Latin: grammar, vocabulary and elementary readings. Previously offered as LATN 1113.

LATN 1813 - Elementary Latin II
Continuation of LATN 1713. Grammar, vocabulary and readings. Previously offered as LATN 1223. Prerequisite(s): LATN 1713 or equivalent proficiency.

LATN 2713 - Elementary Latin III
A continuation of LATN 1813. Grammar and readings of Latin authors. Previously offered as LATN 2113. Prerequisite(s): LATN 1813 or equivalent proficiency.

LATN 2813 - Intermediate Readings
Readings from Virgil's Aeneid. Previously offered as LATN 2213. Prerequisite(s): LATN 2713 or equivalent proficiency.

LATN 3123 - Classical Mythology (H)
Myths, their cultural context, and their place in world literature. Course taught in English. No prerequisite. Same course as ENGL 3123.

LATN 3223 - Love and Hate in Greek and Latin Poetry (H)
Study of poetry from Archaic Greece to Imperial Rome, with particular attention to cultural context and the theoretical work that has arisen from it. Course taught in English. No prerequisite.

LATN 3330 - Advanced Readings in Latin
Prose authors, poetry, and medieval Latin. Offered for variable credit, 1-6 credit hours, maximum of 9 credit hours. Prerequisite(s): LATN 2813 or equivalent proficiency.

LATN 4113 - Latin Literature in Translation (H)
Readings of significant works from Latin literature in English translation, from the late Republic through the early Christian era. Readings and classes conducted in English.


  • The Language Lab is located in Gundersen 207 and is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm. In it there are computers that you can use to complete your assignments. 
  • Mango. As an OSU student, you have access to Mango for free (OSU login required). Mango is a program that you can use on your computer or you can download the app for your mobile device to learn Latin and keep up on your Latin language skills.