A German major or minor complements a wide variety of academic fields of study such as business management, engineering, art and the performing arts, literature, linguistics, journalism, cultural history, philosophy, geography, and religion. Given the ever-increasing role of Germany as a world leader, the opportunities for graduates with a major or minor in German are also increasing. There are many reasons to learn German.

The coursework required for the German minor typically results in intermediate speaking, listening, writing, and reading proficiencies, coupled with a cultural understanding and knowledge of the German-speaking peoples in Europe and elsewhere.

German Major Requirements

Degree requirements can be found at the Registrar.

German Minor Requirements

Complete all lower-division course work (all 1000- and 2000-level classes) or its equivalent in German, followed by 6 hours of upper-division credit in courses taught in German. You will need a GPA of 2.5 in German with no grade below ā€œCā€ in all upper-division German courses to receive the minor.

To declare a German Major or Minor, go to 213 Life Science East or call 405-744-5658 to meet with Anthony Valentine.