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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Opportunities

There are many study abroad programs available through OSU. Some last for a week, a month, a semester, or even a year. The more time you spend using the language abroad, the more advanced your language proficiency will become. Before planning your study abroad, be sure to consult with the Study Abroad Office, your academic advisor, and our department to make sure that the classes you choose to take abroad will transfer for your degree. There are many scholarships available from the OSU Study Abroad Office and from our department to help you to study abroad. The programs listed below are reciprocal exchange programs in which students pay the same OSU tuition and fees as at OSU, but pay for housing and meals in country.

Spanish Study Abroad 

ASL Study Abroad 

The ASL program sometimes makes a study abroad trip during Spring break. For more information, contact your ASL instructor.

Chinese Study Abroad

Japanese Study Abroad

Russian Study Abroad