Spanish After School Program

Spanish After School Community Engagement

Dr. Lucero “Chelo” Tenorio, Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at OSU has developed a Community Engagement Project for elementary school students in Stillwater. The Spanish after school program offers children grades K-3 a variety of opportunities for exploration, play, and creativity infused with Spanish language and culture. OSU students from the Spanish Honor Society and the Spanish Club are trained to lead this volunteer program using a variety of fun, unique, and effective activities and curriculum giving the children of the elementary school an exposure to Spanish. A combination of music, games, role-play, stories, art, culture, and drama help the children learn to communicate in Spanish using basic language structures and become informed about different aspects of Hispanic cultures. OSU students gain experience in teaching the language, which in turn helps them to improve their own skills as Spanish teachers.

If you are a student at OSU and if you are interested in participating as a volunteer instructor in this program, please contact Dr. Lucero “Chelo” Tenorio by email at or by phone: 405-744-3569.

After School 1

Elementary students learn Spanish vocabulary.

After School 2

Elementary students play games in Spanish.

After School 3

Elementary students have reading time in Spanish.

After School 4

Elementary students learn Spanish with supervised OSU students.