Departmental Scholarships

Applicants for scholarships from the Department of Languages and Literatures must currently be enrolled at the Oklahoma State University-Stillwater campus. Applicants need to download and complete only one application form. Fill out the form, print it, and hand deliver it along with one official Oklahoma State University transcript that includes course grades from the most recent fall semester to Tiffany in 309 Gundersen. Applications are due by the date and time in the beginning of February as indicated on the application form.

Scholarships from the Department of Languages & Literatures

The Frances Lee and Charles Dutreau Scholarship

Awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement in one of the foreign languages taught by this department. These funds are to be used to assist with expenses for language study (of at least six weeks' duration) in a foreign country.

The John Sadler Award

Given to an OSU student of foreign languages who has demonstrated academic excellence, especially in the field of language study. The award is intended to help defray a student’s educational expenses.

The William J. Ray Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a meritorious junior or meritorious senior student at Oklahoma State University who is committed to teaching Spanish in the public schools. The successful candidate must show evidence of previous or ongoing coursework in education (ABSED, CIED, etc.).

The Reusen-Berghmans Memorial Award

Given to a student who has completed at least 15 hours of French or the equivalent, and has demonstrated academic excellence in that language. The $500 award is to be used to assist with expenses for language study (of at least six week duration) in a French-speaking country.

The Golconda Award

Offered by the directors of the Golconda Foundation, this scholarship is given to outstanding students in upper-division foreign language classes.

The John Schweitzer Memorial Award

Given to a junior or senior French major who has demonstrated excellence in the study of that language. It was set up by the family of Prof. Schweitzer, who taught French in the department from 1959 to 1984 and passed away in 2013. Prof. Schweitzer also served for a number of years as department chair.

Other Scholarships

We recommend that you also apply for other OSU scholarships. Applications for these and other scholarships must be submitted separately.